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KSW24 - ALL ABOUT TRANSMISSION PPVDate added: 2013-09-18 agoWe present " PPC Handbook " that detailed information on the broadcast of the gala KSW24 - Clash of the Giants , who already held September 28 in Lodz Atlas Arena .
Digital Polsat
Get access in to PPV and watch the gala on channels 58 or channel 117 in HD ! For owners of set-top boxes DVB -T whole gala will be available on channel 99
Get access through (for satellite TV subscribers ) :InternetSMS ( Send SMS to number 7043 with content NumerKartyDekodera.WALKA )calling us at the number : 801 00 50 50 or 222 127 255 ( from a landline ) or 699 44 50 50 ( mobile phone) .WWW.KSWTV.COM ( TRANSMISSION IN TWO LANGUAGES OF POLISH for residents from abroad) Do you want to see MMA in the best European release ? Want to watch the gala KSW24 - Clash of the Giants ? Right now you have the chance ! KSW Federation will start with his television platform through which all KSW fans living in the country and abroad will be able to watch the gala live in the best quality with a choice of comment ( Polish or English) .We wish to invite you to visit our on and read the offer , which we have prepared for those who love mixed martial arts !The nearest transmission will take place on 28 September 2013 at 19:00 . KSW24 - Clash of the Giants and nine exciting fights involving the five-time champion Mariusz Pudzianowski strongman competitions , master KSW middleweight Michael Materlii and combat judo Olympic champion Paul Nastula with Charles Bedorfem the first KSW Federation championship belt in the heavyweight division . In addition, the gala will see UFC veteran Jay Silva, Sean McCorkle and Andre Winner , and former player Ben Lagma Bellator organization . Fightcart complement topowi players with Polish : Anzor Azhiev , Borys Mankowski and masters of formula K -1 Martin Różalski and Paul Slowinski .You do not want to miss . Already, go to and purchase access to the broadcast !
Can order from September 20 !
Order gala at the UPC will be in two ways:Users decoders UPC Mediabox can be ordered Gala through a dedicated application that is placed on channel 90 Transmission events in HD will be on channel 91 and in SD on Channel 92Users can order decoders KAON Gala telephone at the telephone number : 32 494 95 60/801 94 95 60 . Transmission events in HD will be on channel 91Caution! Users decoders UPC Mediabox can be ordered only by the application and users KAON decoder only by phone. Ordering information will be posted on Channel 90 (regardless of the set-top box - will be different content for the decoder and decoder UPC Mediabox KAON ) IPLA ( TRANSMISSION ONLY IN POLISH ONLY FOR PEOPLE LIVING IN THE COUNTRY )
  ENTER the link :
To start the live broadcast , follow these steps:Check the technical requirements .Make sure that the video test to work properly . Test you can do here .Visit the "SPORT " .Select a category from the column on the left side of the " LIVE "After clicking on the " LIVE " page will be displayed with the outlined program Sports Live, here 's an event you choose that you want to see .If the event is free it when it will start the " WATCH " .If the event is to be paid before the start of the find at the " PURCHASE ACCESS " , and when you log in to your account with active you will receive the message " ACCESS ACTIVE " .At the time of start of the event will be the " WATCH " .After clicking on the " PURCHASE ACCESS " will be taken / and to the board of payment.Access type:Single - you will have / and access to transmission on the first computer on which you run it .Package - will have / and access to all live in the IPLA in the given period of time for a given user name .
Available payment methods are:Transfer or Card - When you purchase you will receive an access code to the specified email addressSMS - When you purchase you will receive an SMS reply with an activation code .
Run a live sporting event :If a sporting event has already started , click " WATCH " .If you are logged into your account with active sports event starts.If you do not have access you will be taken / and welcome to the board where you have the opportunity to purchase a code to activate the code you received and / or reported to log in to your account with active .
Select the image quality .720p HD - high quality, designed for a minimum bandwidth of 2Mb / s576p - high quality, designed for a minimum bandwidth of 1 Mb / s384p - medium quality suitable for a minimum bandwidth of 512 kb / sKSW24KSW254.PUCHAR
KSW24 ksw24 pudzian ksw24 Nastula ksw24 Materla ksw24 borys ksw24 Kowalkiewicz ksw24 rozal ksw24 fc Anzor KSW24 Gamrot

Siemka znalazłem fajne strony z KSW gdzie bedzie mozna je obejrzec za darmo, jakby co to piszcie w komentarzach co i jak!


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